Sunday, June 13, 2010

Campania: Falanghina Nuschese 07'

Alongside my father and fiance, I tasted the Falanghina Nuschese 07' through an Enomatic Systerm at Nora's Wine Bar in Las Vegas. Their description was: "Aromas of lemon and rhubarb turn to mineral, melon and honey, medium-full bodied, level acidity, and a long ripe fruit after taste"

This wine opened my eyes to the Falanghina (pronounced Fal-an-gi-nyuh) white wine varietal. Originating in Campania of Italy, Falanghina is considered to be extremely similar to the Falernian wine of the Ancient Romans. The Nuschese Falanghina was phenomenal. I recommend this wine for everyone to try. Full of weight and luscious mineral notes with a fresh lemon density, I couldn't help but take extra notice of it; I have yet to buy this in bottle form, but I assure you I shall.

But not all Falanghina wines are this intense and remarkable; today, during a Naples/ Campania wine/food class at Astor Wines, I tasted: Falanghina del Taburno, Ocone 2009, which though unmistakably bone dry and refreshing- was more on the light side exposing an off citrus zing and very soft tart notes. Not as impressive, but great with cold appetizers.

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